2023 MN Ironman Ride Routes Are Ready!

We’ve been hard at work this spring fine-tuning, adjusting, and readjusting the routes for the Minnesota Ironman Ride. We’ve worked to reduce traffic conflicts, improve flow, and maximize the potential of Scott County’s bluffs to give you even more breathtaking views (and some breathtaking climbs!) this year. Our Ramble route has settled at 36 miles, the Metric brings you 66 miles of fun, and the Century’s official route is 97 miles, giving you the ability to have a nice, flat 3 mile spin on the MN River Trail at the finish line if you want to round it up to 100!

See the routes in various GPS formats below. We’ll also place signs at all turns to guide you through the route. If you’re new to GPS navigation, take some time to familiarize yourself with your mapping program of choice before the ride. You will not be able to use your phone’s browser to navigate, and will need to add your route to the courses in your app/on your headunit.

The Ramble will feature one rest stop at mile 17. This year’s Metric will have three stops at mile 17, mile 37, and mile 52. Those tackling the Century will have four rest stops at mile 17, mile 49, mile 69, and mile 84. When you leave the first rest stop, we ask that you please ride up the hill on the trail on the side of the road. The climb is challenging, and there is a section of road with no shoulder. Let’s help keep each other safe and traffic flowing freely by sliding over onto the trail for this section. Don’t worry, we’ll have a sign to remind you, and you’re gonna be going slow enough to see it!

We’ve laid the routes out so that all three rides share the first rest stop and so that the Metric and Century share their final two stops, and the Ramble rejoins the Metric and Century routes with about 12 miles to go, giving you the opportunity to meet up with friends and family doing longer or shorter routes in a safe and well-supported area. Coordinate with your crew, and roll back into town together to celebrate finishing the 2023 MN Ironman Ride and supporting Free Bikes 4 Kidz MN!