June 17, 2023


Event Day Helpline at 952-777-8091 or visit the website ironmanhelpline.com


Advanced packet pickup schedule

Packet Pickup June 14-16, 6-9 pm

Bridgewater Bank Corporate HQ
4450 Excelsior Blvd UNIT 100,
St. Louis Park, MN 55416

Grab your packet and use the wooden nickel inside for a tasty beverage at Hazelwood Food And Drink – in the building!

Parking is available in the lot or garage on the north side of the building.

Get directions

Can I pick up someone else’s packet?

Yes!  But you must bring a printed waiver signed by them.

Download the waiver here.


Can I pick up my packet on Saturday?

Yes! Stop by registration at the Start line on 1st Ave E and Lewis St. in downtown Shakopee.  6:30am-8:30am


If I get my packet the week prior, do I need to check-in Saturday?

No, just stage on 1st Ave at the appropriate time.


What are the wristbands in my packet for?

There are two numbered wristbands.  Put one on your wrist and the other on your handlebars.  Wristbands help identify riders on the road and will be required for Bike Parking.


What is the drink ticket in my packet for?

Your registration includes one free beverage at the Big Taste of Fun in Huber Park following the ride.  You can choose a beer – maybe our signature Radler from Shakopee Brewhall – or a non-alcoholic beverage.  You MUST have the ticket with you to receive your drink.  You must also have a valid ID to enjoy a beer.


Where do I park?

There is no parking within Huber Park for participants.  There are several public parking lots as well as ample street parking within 0.5mi of the park.  Please be sure to read signs.



Where does the ride start?

Staging for the ride will begin at 7:15am on 1st Ave East between Sommerville and Holmes.


The Family Rides starts in Huber Park.  Riders should stage in the park, not on 1st Ave East.


What happens after the Ride?

We’re throwing a huge party with food, beverages, expo exhibitors, family activities and live music!  Get all the details here:  https://thefreebike.org/festival/


What do I do if the weather turns bad during the ride?

Find the closest shelter you can immediately.  Call the MN Ironman Helpline at 952-777-8091 to report your position.   We will consult with officials from the city of Shakopee to make any decision regarding the event.


When does the ride start?

Century: 7:30am.  Staging at 7:15am

Metric Century:  8:00am. Staging at 7:45am

Rambler:  8:30am. Staging at 8:15am

Family Ride:  10:30am.


What are the road conditions?

Roads are open to normal traffic.  Obey the rules of the road.


As you might expect, with Minnesota’s winters, there are some patches of rough road.  For the most part, road surfaces are decent.  Some roads have a narrow shoulder, or a shoulder with a rumble strip, please exercise caution.


How will I know where to go?

Ironman Signs will be placed on the side of the road Friday afternoon/Saturday morning at major intersections such as turns.  Also, Route Arrows will be placed on the ground to assist.  Due to potential changes the week of the event, Route Maps will be available at the ride start line for your desired ride.  Please review routes online prior to coming down to the ride.

Route GPX files can be downloaded by visiting the ride info page.  Routes have been published in Strava, MapMyRide and RidewithGPS.


Can I start my ride before or after the published start times?

Yes.  However, safety personnel and Rest Stop scheduling is based on riders starting at the designated time.


Be Prepared

Check the weather report and dress accordingly.  Carry extra water and food.  Have a spare inner tube.  Check your bike before starting out on the ride.


Where are the Rest Stops?

Rest stop locations are printed on your route maps and included in the gpx files.

What will be available at the Rest Stops?

There will be water, energy drink, pickles, bananas, oranges, energy supplements, protein bars, and other food.  Rest Stops are staffed by volunteers.

Please discard your wrappers and other debris in bins.


Are the roads closed?

No.  The roads are open to normal traffic.

All riders must follow the rules of the road.

All riders are required to wear a helmet.

Riders are responsible for their own safety.

Do not assume that because a road crossing is clear for one rider ahead of you, that it will be clear for you.


There will be safety personnel stationed at a few of the busier intersections.  They are there to increase awareness, but not to direct traffic.  Please use caution and obey the rules of the road.


Will there be SAG Support?

Yes, we will have multiple vehicles along the route to assist riders as needed.


Will there be mechanical support?

We will have mechanical support.  Stay tuned for details.


What if I need help?

Call the helpline at 952-777-8091 or visit the website ironmanhelpline.com.  By visiting the weblink, you can send your GPS position to our communications team who will relay that to our support vehicles on course.  If it’s an emergency, call 911.


If I’m stopped on the road and I see an event vehicle, how do I communicate?

Thumbs up or thumbs down. When you are stopped along the road and an event vehicle passes, give a thumbs up if you are doing OK, and a thumbs down (or arms crossed over their head) if they need assistance or a pick-up.